Who You Gonna Call? Ghost-Writers!

Thinking about hiring a ghostwriter? Wondering what exactly one can do for your business? Read this post to get a little more insight into what ghostwriters do for smart entrepreneurs who know how to work smarter, not harder.

When I first launched my business and people would ask what I did for a living. The conversation often went like this:

Sooo, What do you do?

I’m a freelance writer…

Oh cool! What do you write?

Well, a lot of things… I am mostly doing online content and ghostwriting though.

Ghostwriting!! Like, you write scary stories?

No- I don’t write about actual ghosts. I write for other people.

Soooo, the history of haunted places?

 No, it’s a term meaning I write content in another persona… to represent a specific brand message. It helps speak to a consumer’s pain point and build loyalty with a brand.

Okay, so… no ghosts?


Let me tell you. Several people left that conversation disappointed. And, in truth- I would Freaking LOVE to get paid to write about ghosts… But I digress, what I really love about ghostwriting, is I get to really stretch my creative chops in surprising new directions and cover different topics every day. And it’s a blast!  And I will tell you why it’s a great way to make a living.- Because for most people- even the best communicators, Writing your own content can be SO HARD for many reasons.

The Perfectionist’s Predicament

Maybe you get into your own head too much. I have definitely been there. There’s a perfectionist side to writing where it never feels good enough. That’s why EB White wrote 8 drafts of Charlotte’s Web before he was ready to publish it. —  can you tell I was 4th grade teacher?

But can you IMAGINE having to focus on your content and rewrite until you think it’s perfect? Nobody has time to do that AND run a business. But I do… because it IS my business.

 Even with casual copy like an email or (cough cough)  A BLOG-  We can be so self critical, that sometimes it’s just easier to have somebody else do it and you can look at it a little more objectively with your brand in mind. So you call me!

Writer’s Block

Maybe you are a great conversationalist but it just doesn’t translate to writing. This is so common in a ton of my super successful clients. They can talk circles around a boardroom- or Zoom Webinar- or any face to face encounter, but writing it down in a way that speaks precisely to their brand  is not something they can- or want- to do. So they call me.

One of my favorite clients is just a numbers person. She is a phenomenal business mind, and she has created a thriving business, but she has said she struggles to get the words from her mind to present a cohesive message for her print media. And she frankly is too busy rocking her industry to fuss with something that doesn’t come easily to her. So she calls me.

Get a Ghostwriter!!

When you have content that needs to be written, but you are not the one to do it,thats where I come in!  My brain DOES function conversationally, and I am constantly observing the subtle and important behaviors and psychologies of my clients and their consumers. Working in public service for the better part of the last two decades has given me insight to how to serve people and find ways to build bridges and meet their needs. Now I get to put that in writing for my clients in a snap!

It works out perfectly for me too. I like to hang out in the background- Do Not ask me to publicly speak. In fact-don’t even look at me while I’m talking about something meaningful in front of a crowd or I will draw a blank, and don’t even THINK of making eye contact while giving me a compliment!  (Yeah- I’m working on that)…but that’s the “ghost” part of ghostwriting that makes me the perfect creative match for entrepreneurs on the front lines who need pro content that rolls as smoothly as the rest of their important work does. 

With a little research and collaboration on my part, your content will be a seamless representation of your brand that feels like it came straight from you. And nobody  else has to know I was even there. 

Looking for a Ghostwriter to make your life easier? Want to chat about other awesome content I can create for your business? Click this link to schedule a call. Or you can email me at mbeerswrites@gmail.com. And follow me on Instagram and Facebook.


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