Repurpose Your Content and Keep Those Posts Coming

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This is not a new idea, but it absolutely bears repeating. You have to repurpose your content and put it out there again and again and again if you want it seen by your audience.

One of my friends always has couple dozen irons in the fire at any given time. She is a fellow creative entrepreneur and I often wonder if she ever sleeps. The amount of amazing things she is working on get posted regularly. She will faithfully make sure she updates her social media accounts, YouTube, website and blog to reflect the project she just finished, yet she called me a while back exasperated.

“ Michelle, I have these great things posted and people aren’t seeing them and I don’t understand why!”

“ You aren’t posting enough.” I said.  She didn’t like that answer. 

“ Yes I am! I post everything I am doing and people are still missing it!”

Does this sound familiar? If it does, you’re not alone. AND YOU ARE NOT POSTING ENOUGH

I’ll say it again for the people in the back;

You Are NOT Posting Enough!

Let me explain. If you are anything like my friend. You immediately post your new project/service/goods to all your followers and you might even post in many places. But it’s pretty likely that you are posting it once in any given space- even if it’s once but you are posting in many places, and then moving on to the next important thing on your entrepreneurial checklist.

 I’m going to need you to double back and look at how that content can get some more organic hits, and you are going to have to commit to that content. You’re going to be looking at it over and over. Because even if YOU are sick of looking at it, your readers aren’t. They might not even be aware it’s out there. And we want every opportunity to grab new engagement and keep your loyal clients and customers interested.

Starting with types of engagement- You can take any piece of content, and turn into any of the following and more.

Types of Repurposing You May be Overlooking

  • Record a podcast and show notes, 
  • Make a YouTube video
  • Create an email series
  • Establish a blog series 
  • Redraft a blog for SEO
  • Extend series to guest bloggers
  • Host a webinar
  • Design an online course with your content
  • Write a newsletter
  • Compose an E-book
  • Style Pinterest infographics
  • Re-post and promote on all social media-  Including Instagram Stories and TikTok** ( Run While TikTok is still accessible)
  • Twitter Post your business stats
  • Create case studies
  • Post all those testimonials about your amazing product/service on social media

Beyond Repurposing

There are tons of ways to make that one piece of content stretch into an evergreen conversion vehicle. But there is also something to be said for posting the same thing the same way over and over in different places and times. Think of that Facebook ad you have seen 17 times. The first time it piqued your interest. The next few times you mulled it over, and it probably took you several views before you pulled the trigger to learn more. Maybe you didn’t go further than that. But you saw it again and again and eventually you hit the pay now button and they converted that sale. 

Not trying to make a sale, but trying to get a loyal following? This works with visual and informative content too. You’re going to set yourself apart as the authority if they can see your content. But they aren’t going to see it if you only post your blog on your LinkedIn on Monday… You have to internalize those links and post again and again in different places. YOU might be sick of seeing your content. But the likelihood is that your viewers are going to see you content while they are working on something else right? So they will make a mental note to check it out later. You are going to have to make it visible by reposting so they see it over and over. Until finally they click it and access your PRO CONTENT.

If YOU Aren’t Tired of Your Own Content- It’s Not Enough for Your Audience.

IF they have seen it, they clicked it, they loved it and they’re coming back for more, they aren’t going to be annoyed by it showing up in their feed again. In fact, they are going to continue to make that connection that you are an authority and might look at other content of yours this time. Maybe they sign up for your newsletter or follow your Youtube channel to get more pro content. 

And IF they see it and don’t really want to click… they keep scrolling while their subconscious makes note that you’re still there and that recognition will ping when you do come out with new content the next time. No harm in visibility whatsoever.

Think of yourself like you would a recording artist. If they are only playing your song on the radio once in a while, people are going to forget it. But if it gets played several times a day, it becomes that tune their listener is humming to themselves while doing laundry or grocery shopping, and the next time they hear it, they like it even more. It becomes their favorite song to belt out on the drive to work every morning. You want your content to be that song! Keep putting it out there. And once they are reaching the point of overexposure, start again with something new.

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