Parenting Article Excerpt

“And that, my friends, is ALSO exactly how parenting can feel. AMIRITE? You know what I am talking about. On your average days, your kids can exhaust you, embarrass you, frustrate you. You find yourself so disappointed with yourself and wishing you were more… More patient, more fun, more structured, more organized, more easy-going, more tidy, a better cook… I’m like 57% of any of those things on my very best day so I know how it feels. But I also know how many other parents have looked at me and thought I really knew what I was doing. And likewise, how many parents I have observed, and complimented, and tried to use as a model for my own parenting style, and the truth is. We are all the best!!

Nobody feels like it because we focus on the parts that could use some improvement. But in the big picture. As teachers and parents. If we are trying to do right by our kids, and we are giving it our all, We are doing it WELL! 

My son is my WORLD… Like… my entire unexpectedly favorite human in the universe. And he has a lot of needs. He was born with a mild physical disability, and when he was very little, our world and our expectations of the future changed drastically. He later received a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD on top of his physical developmental issue. There are therapies, medications, and routines in our daily lives that have become necessary to function. Some days I feel so overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, that I miss all the good things I am as his mom.”

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