Making Social Media Work for You: Part 1

Are you a small business owner who has a less than rosy relationship with Social Media? You’re not alone! This 2 part series will help you figure out what you’re missing if you are NOT engaging through social media, and will help you see what you can do to make the most of a very powerful referral tool. If you are trying to engage, but feel like you’re not making useful connections with your ideal clients, keep reading to find some simple ideas to get yourself on track to becoming- and remaining- relevant to your consumers on social media.

I have had the chance to write content and copy for some amazing companies. My favorite kind of writing gig is ghostwriting blogs and articles, and I will have lots to say about those adventures and what I have learned along the way in future posts. But today I want to talk about something that is quickly becoming another love of mine, Social Media Content.

What’s your brand’s relationship with social media?

Are you a small but mighty business owner who has already mastered your social media presence? Congratulations!! You are in a super subgroup of elite and amazing entrepreneurs who have it all figured out! Let’s have a virtual coffee date and bask in your marketing success!!

However, if you are like many entrepreneurs out there who feel like they are exhausting themselves on social media and might as well be spitting into the wind for all the good it has done for your bottom line- OR you know you should be engaging your prospective consumers on social media, but it seems …. daunting, overwhelming, and you just aren’t sure where to start– THIS POST IS FOR YOU!

Why small business brands need smart social media to grow

If you are trying to grow and scale your business, social media is a MUST. Especially in today’s climate where we aren’t getting the face- to-face  engagement that many small businesses rely on. Social Media is a great way to build that Know, Like, and Trust factor. It creates a loyal clientele who comes back for more, and helps give a boost to referral based businesses.

One area I work with where social media is vital to staying on top of changing marketplaces, are legacy and small businesses. There was a time where legacy businesses didn’t operate within social media and it was viewed by many as a fad or something for personal use.  The truth is, if you want to have systematic growth, you absolutely have to be engaging in the digital and social media marketing space. 

Lead generation and conversions, repeat and referral generation. If these are important to your business- spoiler alert THEY ARE- Then you have to be consistently engaging on social media. How do you build new relationships in ways that save you time while you’re working within your businesses. How do we get them to pull the trigger. How do we nurture relationships and build that trust and loyalty to ensure returns. There are some simple ways to start doing that. But what if you are short on time? Call Me… 

Freelancers can take the social media headache off your plate, and give you precious time to work directly on your actual business

Focus on what you love and what you went into business for- Delegate the rest– That’s where Content writers come in. CEOs of bigger organizations have budgets for entire marketing departments where they can personally engage as much or as little as they want. You don’t have a huge budget, but you know you need some help. Hire a freelancer to do it! We can do retainer packages to take it off your hands, or even just get you started with a one time project that gets you on the right foot and shows you how it’s done.  

You want to interact with your core audience consistently, and your messaging needs to be a balance of both personal connection, and brand authority. The authority part is usually pretty easy. Present a problem consumers have that you can solve for them. But you don’t want it to be all about your resume because people will lose interest and stop engaging. And the great thing about Social Media is it can do the hard work of taking those cool leads that have noticed your resume, and turning them HOT HOT HOT!! And you can automate it so you can simply fix it and forget about it. You can even hire somebody to manage your responses and comments on the posts. Though most business owners definitely want a hand in chatting with their leads. But it can take minutes a day and you don’t have to do much thinking about it. Meanwhile you are actually running your business and taking care of those generated referrals so they come back again and again.

Get real about social media

Your social media engagement should feel personal. Like you are speaking directly to a friend and chatting about life. Engage them with anecdotes, opinions, and questions about themselves, and give them a peek into how you do you. But many business owners have a couple of problems with this concept. First- who has the time? And Second- what do you do when you have no idea what to say? It can feel scary to put your authentic self out there and not be all about the business, and you might need some guidance to help put all these ideas into action. In part 2 of this post, I will give some pointers about what I have learned so far about how to represent your brand by talking about some of the most common misconceptions– we probably all have had them— and what you can do to get your social media game on point!

I have told you the WHAT and the WHY– if you want to talk a little more about HOW I can get you there, send me an email or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or, click this link to schedule a call.


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