Self Care Email Series Excerpt

“Confession time: I ate like a lobster loving beast this past weekend during my visit to the coast. Even healthy mamas like me fall off the wagon now and then. The Good News is that I enjoyed every minute and didn’t feel a bit of guilt. We had some seriously amazing and necessary family time, and those long lazy days while on vacation, when one day gently rolls into the next and one glass of merlot gently rolls into another meant that we were seriously relaxed.

The BETTER NEWS is that I made a point to take care of myself in other important ways. I meditated on the balcony of our beach house rental, We rented bikes and hit the trails for some fresh air fun, and I did some restorative care for my body and mind.

Head on over to my blog by clicking here and check out some pro tips on nurturing your wellbeing when out of your usual routine, and make sure drop a line in the comments while you’re there to let me know the self care tips you have when you need to change it up a little bit.”

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